Checking in with Bradford on ankle, more

More than seven months have passed since Sam Bradford's ankle buckled during the St. Louis Rams' game against the Green Bay Packers last season.

Visions of Bradford hobbling through the Rams' Monday night game at Seattle have long since faded.

How about the physical pain? What about the ankle?

"It's getting there," Bradford told reporters Wednesday. "It seems to feel better every week. Less soreness, more things I can do, so I think it’s definitely on track."

On track? Wait, Bradford came back from the injury during the season. Shouldn't a sprained ankle heal after seven months? Not so fast.

"He played through the injury late in the season, so the clock for his recovery doesn't really begin until January," ESPN injury expert Stephania Bell said Wednesday. "You go February, March, April, May and it's not really that long. By the time you get through the rehab and then start football activities, which he is just getting into now, I don't find the timeline to be that crazy."

A few more highlights from Bradford's media session:

  • On learning the offense: "It's just nice to have an offseason to be able to come out here and make mistakes. You learn from your mistakes. Coaches have been great about that. They're not pressing. They're not screaming. As long as we learn from it, I think we’re doing the right thing. It's just good to be out here going through those things."

  • On rookie Chris Givens: "Extremely fast. He's a guy that defenses are going to have to be extremely aware of. If they fall asleep on him for a half second at all, he’s going to be by them. That's nice to have, just that added speed."

  • On rookie Brian Quick: "I was working with him a little bit after practice today and it's just extremely impressive watching him move. As big as he is, as tall as he is, he gets in and out of breaks really well. He's fast as well."

  • On having a quarterbacks coach, Frank Cignetti: "Coach Cig has been awesome. He really knows what he’s doing when it comes to coaching quarterbacks. He’s all over fundamentals. Every day he points something out on tape, whether it be my drop, my arm angle, something like that, whereas last year not having that, I probably missed some things and probably got a little lazy."

That Bradford is practicing shows his ankle situation isn't serious at this point. But the fact that the ankle is still not quite all the way back is instructive, too.

"It goes back to the question I get a kajillion times a week during the season: Is 'insert player name' fully healthy?" Bell said. "Sometimes they do something they can recover from in the season, but you take a more complex injury and you continue to aggravate it, it's tough to recover."