Carroll giving exonerated LB another look

Rick Reilly's piece on the recently exonerated Brian Banks notes that the Seattle Seahawks plan to run Banks through a workout June 7.

@seehawk80 and others had asked about the possibility, knowing Seahawks coach Pete Carroll had offered Banks a scholarship to USC years ago. That opportunity and many others disappeared for Banks when false testimony sent him to prison on a rape conviction.

"Banks' attorney insisted he cop a plea, saying his size, age and race would mean a sure conviction of 40-plus years," Reilly writes. "He said no, no, a hundred times no and finally, reluctantly, yes. Banks got six years. He served 62 months. When he got out, he had to wear a GPS ankle bracelet at all times. He had to register as a convicted sex felon. Couldn't go near schools, parks or zoos. Couldn't get a job. He was lucky to get a few hours a week unloading docks."

Banks, recently exonerated, has drawn interest from the Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins and Seahawks. He also has a front-office offer from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

NFL teams owe Banks nothing, of course, but it's good to see them giving him a chance. Seattle appears relatively set at the position, but there's always room for a young prospect, especially on the practice squad, if Banks shows the ability that made him so highly sought out of high school. Banks is 26 years old -- relatively young by NFL standards. It's the layoff that will be toughest to overcome.

Note: The original version of this item identified Banks as a running back. He's a linebacker. My apologies.