Rams stadium rejection matter of course

Right on schedule, the stadium authority in St. Louis rejected the Rams' proposal for upgrades to the Edward Jones Dome.

This was a largely procedural move.

The city would have been foolish to proceed on the Rams' terms, just as the team would have been foolish to proceed under terms the city proposed earlier this year. The gap between each side's proposal, measured in hundreds of millions of dollars, figures to shrink during arbitration, which is set to begin June 15.

The sides first have a two-week window for negotiations.

Once the arbitrator issues a proposal, the city can decide to accept or reject it. Accepting the proposal would bind the Rams to their lease through 2025 while binding the parties to move forward under the arbitrator's plan. Rejecting the proposal would reset the Rams' lease onto a year-to-year basis beginning in March 2015, making it easier for them to consider relocation.

There have been no surprises to this point in the process.

The Rams' NFC West competitors all have or will have modern stadiums by 2015. Teams with modern stadiums have an easier time generating revenue. Teams that generate revenue have an easier time competing while earning profits for their owners.

I would expect the Rams to be playing in a modern facility one way or another, either through upgrades to the Edward Jones Dome or by pursuing other opportunities.

In the meantime, pull up a sun dial. This could take some time.