Chat wrap: NFL's best defensive division?

The latest NFC West chat has concluded. Full transcript here.

We had questions left over, but with only minutes left until the Seattle Seahawks' practice gets underway, time is running short.

Challettv from Boise did raise a strong point. He thinks the St. Louis Rams' defense will improve quickly under coach Jeff Fisher.

"If that happens," he wrote, "the NFC West is gonna be a crazy defensive division. Is there another division in the NFL that could be as good defensively?"

The AFC North comes to mind. Pittsburgh and Baltimore are strong on defense every year, but all four teams from that division finished among the top 10 in fewest yards allowed last season. There are superior ways to measure a defense, but the best defenses tend to allow fewer yards. Teams still aspire to rank among the top 10. It's not a perfect measure, but it's a decent one. And it's readily accessible, plus widely understood.

NFC West teams ranked fourth (San Francisco), ninth (Seattle), 18th (Arizona) and 22nd (St. Louis) last season. Arizona improved significantly late in the season. I do think this will be an increasingly physical and ferocious division on defense. Let's revisit this one as the 2012 season unfolds.

I'm heading out to Seahawks practice and will report back afterward.