Fans booed Kevin Kolb? Sorry, didn't hear it

About 15,000 fans turned out to watch the Arizona Cardinals during their "FanFest" practice Wednesday night.

If some of them booed quarterback Kevin Kolb, I didn't hear it. I arrived for the event 90 minutes before players walked onto the field and left well after they had departed.

Darren Urban was also there and heard at least some booing. He didn't write a story about it. He merely responded to a tweet. The boos weren't loud enough or persistent enough to catch my attention or become a subject for discussion among the people I encountered during and after the event.

But when I arrived for the Seattle Seahawks' practice Thursday, people in attendance were talking about it. The story has gone everywhere. Kolb will now have to answer questions at training camp about fans booing him during what amounted to a family night at the stadium. That's not fair based on what happened.

No reporters asked Kolb or coach Ken Whisenhunt about booing following the practice. No reporters asked any other players or coaches about it, either. It wasn't a story then. It shouldn't be one now.

No reporters asked Whisenhunt about it Thursday, either.

The lesson? Quarterback competitions invite scrutiny. Too much scrutiny. The next time someone cites passing stats from a seven-on-seven drill, boo or beware.