Jaws' QB Countdown: Matt Flynn

The Seattle Seahawks have not yet determined where Matt Flynn ranks on their depth chart. They might not know for another month or longer.

Jaws' QB Countdown, the 30-part series featuring analysis from ESPN's Ron Jaworski, put Flynn at No. 1 in Seattle and No. 27 among projected NFL starters for 2012.

That seems reasonable given that Flynn owns only two career starts and has not yet won the starting job. The players ranked behind Flynn -- Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert and Tim Tebow -- also lack extensive track records. Tebow isn't even a starter.

Jaworski's take on Flynn:

"Matt Flynn has started two games in his four-year NFL career. To his credit, though, he played well in both, including a record-setting performance at the end of 2011. But, make no mistake, Flynn is a projection at this point. That's why he's 27th on my list.

"I broke down both of Flynn's starts: New England in 2010 and Detroit last season. What I saw was a timing and rhythm passer who's decisive with his reads and his throws. He was consistently accurate in the short to intermediate areas. He displayed a nice feel in the pocket with some subtle movements, like this slight shoulder roll to manipulate the coverage."

At this point in the analysis, SportsCenter showed a clip of Flynn, then with Green Bay, tossing a touchdown pass to James Jones against New England.

"Flynn also showed the ability to get out of the pocket and throw on the run. But the more throws I watched, the more his arm strength limitations were evident. The fade is not an arm-strength throw. It's more of a touch throw. In fact, I was concerned that his few deep balls lost energy at the back end. They had a tendency to die."

The video then showed another Flynn touchdown pass, this one against Detroit.

"This touchdown came off play-action. And, of course, in Seattle with Marshawn Lynch, I would expect to see a heavier dose of it. But, what have we always known about play-action? You do not have to be a strong running team to execute it effectively. Look at that safety react to the stretch-run action [also vs. Detroit]. That left Jordy Nelson one-on-one with the corner with no safety help in the deep middle. It was a shock play, a specific call in a specific situation, designed to produce a big play.

"I believe Flynn can be a successful NFL starter. I'm reminded of Bill Walsh and his strong belief that a good coach manipulates the play of his quarterback with his play concepts and his play-calling. That will have to be the case with Flynn in Seattle."

Jaworski was a strong-armed quarterback when he played. Strong-armed quarterbacks -- think Phil Simms, who raised questions about Andrew Luck -- might place additional value on that trait. I don't know if that's the case with Jaworski in relation to Flynn, but the thought came to mind.

The series continues Friday with Jaworski's 26th-ranked starting quarterback.