On Clark Haggans' jail sentence in DUI case

Clark Haggans' jail stay stemming from his 2011 DUI case appears unlikely to affect his immediate status with the Arizona Cardinals. Veteran players are off until training camp.

The bigger football-related question is whether Haggans might face NFL discipline, including a potential suspension. The league doesn't comment on individual cases and sometimes doesn't announce punishment right away.

BAC Calculator for 243-pound Male

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review report on Haggans' incarceration -- 48 hours in jail, followed by seven days of work release -- says authorities measured the 35-year-old linebacker's blood-alcohol percentage at greater than .20 percent.

The chart, put together using one of many blood-alcohol content calculators, suggests a man weighing as much as Haggans weighs (243 pounds) might need to consume 16 beers, each 12 ounces in size, over a two-hour period to exceed a .20 percent blood-alcohol content.

Consuming 24 beers over a 10-hour period might produce a similar reading, as might 16 shots of 80-proof liquor over a three-hour period.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, alcohol-impaired drivers are involved in roughly one-third of accident-related deaths, contributing to more than 11,000 deaths in 2009.

Haggans was convicted of DUI in Colorado in 2004, the Tribune-Review reported. The most recent DUI arrest came after authorities cited Haggans for speeding and running a red light in Arizona.

Note: See Haggans' explanation here.