Nothing new to see in Seahawks' QB race

ESPN's John Clayton noted over the weekend that Tarvaris Jackson would take the initial first-team reps when the Seattle Seahawks open training camp.

This could seem a bit confusing for those following the team's quarterback situation from afar. It's natural to wonder why Matt Flynn wouldn't open camp as the starter after signing a three-year deal averaging $6.5 million per season. The reason: Jackson is the incumbent, coach Pete Carroll wants a legitimate competition and the order wasn't going to change during non-contact practices in the offseason.

To review, here is what Carroll said about the situation on June 14, the day Seattle concluded its three-day mandatory minicamp:

"It's going to take us until we start playing games to where we'll see something happen, I think. At this point, they’re doing everything they can do with the opportunities and they look good, so I can’t tell you that there's anything that’s happened other than we’ll stay with the same format going into [training] camp. I don't think that will change. T-Jack will go first and away we go. But other than that, let the games begin. We'll be really excited to see what happens."

By games, Carroll was referring to the exhibition season. He'll be watching Jackson, Flynn and Russell Wilson compete for the job at that time. We shouldn't get too excited about anything until training camps get going.