Kickoffs moved for 12 NFC West games

The NFL's decision to move back 4:15 p.m. ET kickoffs by 10 minutes affects the following NFC West games:

  • Week 1: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals

  • Week 1: San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers

  • Week 5: Buffalo Bills at 49ers

  • Week 6: New York Giants at 49ers

  • Week 10: St. Louis Rams at 49ers

  • Week 12: Rams at Cardinals

  • Week 12: 49ers at New Orleans Saints

  • Week 14: Cardinals at Seahawks

  • Week 16: Chicago Bears at Cardinals

  • Week 16: 49ers at Seahawks

  • Week 17: Cardinals at 49ers

  • Week 17: Rams at Seahawks

Overall, the changes affect seven games for the 49ers, five for the Cardinals, four for the Seahawks and three for the Rams.

The changes will reduce the number of early games spilling over into later time slots. Here on the NFC West blog, the change should give fans additional time to harass one another before a dozen kickoffs.