Only one way to go for Braylon Edwards

Two seasons ago, Braylon Edwards averaged 17.1 yards per reception with 904 yards and seven touchdowns for the New York Jets.

The figures were 12.1 yards per reception, 181 yards and zero touchdowns with the San Francisco 49ers last season.

What might he offer the Seattle Seahawks, who signed Edwards to a one-year deal Tuesday and welcomed him to practice right away?

There is no way to answer that question with any certainty. We need to see whether Edwards is in good shape, how the other receivers in Seattle develop, which quarterback becomes the starter, how Edwards meshes with that quarterback, etc. At this point, we don't even know whether Edwards will earn a spot on the 53-man roster.

I do not think Edwards, 29, suddenly forgot how to play football last season.

A few factors could help explain his statistical decline from 2010 to 2011. Edwards was playing for a new team in a new offense with very little prep time (the 49ers signed him last Aug. 4). Injuries clearly slowed Edwards during his time with the 49ers. He underwent knee surgery and also had a bad shoulder.

The chart below, courtesy of ESPN Stats & Information, shows Edwards ranking last among primary 49ers receivers and tight ends in yards per target (minimum 15 targets).

Edwards didn't fit with the 49ers, for whatever reason. Now we'll find out whether Edwards can bounce back in Seattle.

2011 49ers WR/TE Yards Per Attempt (min. 15 targets)