Thoughts on Seahawks, Terrell Owens

What comes to mind after the Seattle Seahawks confirmed Dave Mahler's report that the team would visit with free-agent receiver Terrell Owens:

  • The Seahawks don't have the quarterbacks to handle a player with Owens' reputation. For that reason, I'd be skeptical of any move to add Owens at this time. The three quarterbacks on the roster are having a tough enough time establishing themselves without adding a wild card such as Owens to the equation. Coach Pete Carroll's handling of quarterbacks has already come under question.

  • Any contract with Owens would be for the short term, with no guaranteed money. Owens would have to perform at an agreeable level for the team to stick with him. So, there would be little risk in that regard.

  • The Seahawks have consistently shown they've got an open mind when it comes to upgrading their roster. They signed Reggie Williams and Mike Williams during Pete Carroll's first offseason as head coach. They built their defensive line around Red Bryant, a nearly forgotten player they inherited from the team's previous leadership. They gave the wrongly imprisoned Brian Banks a tryout. They signed (and recently released) Antonio Bryant, who had been out of the league since 2009. From a philosophical standpoint, there's no harm in checking out every potential avenue for upgrading a team.

  • Seattle keeps looking at long-shot receivers. That suggests the team isn't entirely comfortable with its situation at the position.

All for now. I'll be leaving Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio, shortly and, after a couple hours, heading to the airport in Cleveland to catch a flight back to Seattle. Stadium officials just told me they're closing down the stadium in the next 10 minutes. Now, I've really gotta get out of here!