Martz replaces Mora as Fox reveals pairings

Former Seattle Seahawks coach Jim Mora spent the 2011 NFL season working with play-by-play man Ron Pitts in the broadcast booth for Fox.

Another NFC West coaching alum, Mike Martz, will fill that role this season.

Fox, in revealing its pairings for 2012, announced the Pitts-Martz combination as its No. 7 crew. Pitts-Mora worked as the No. 6 crew last season.

Mora is not listed in the 2012 pairings for obvious reasons. He's the new head coach at UCLA.

Another NFC West alum, former Seattle Seahawks fullback Heath Evans, is replacing Chad Pennington as the color commentator working with play-by-play man Sam Rosen. Rosen-Pennington comprised the No. 7 crew last season. Rosen-Evans is No. 6 this year.

Note: Thanks to Jim Thomas for calling my attention to the pairings with a note about Martz's role. CBS has not yet announced its crew rankings, to my knowledge.