Initial look at Scouts Inc. Top 200 players

The Scouts Inc. Top 200Insider rankings for NFL players take a while to digest. I've gone through them and made a few initial notations with the NFC West in mind:

I can also break this down by team, based on my initial run through the rankings:

  • Arizona: Fitzgerald (8th), Campbell (45th), Dockett (119th), Adrian Wilson (140th), Peterson (160th), Washington (165th).

  • St. Louis: Long (75th), Finnegan (101st), Jackson (116th), Laurinaitis (151st), Wells (195th).

  • San Francisco: Justin Smith (10th, up from 25th last year), Willis (12th), Aldon Smith (51st), Vernon Davis (65th, up from 111th), Bowman (80th), Mike Iupati (103rd), Rogers (175th), Staley (176th), Lee (183rd), Goldson (184th).

  • Seattle: Chris Clemons (105th), Thomas (120th), Lynch (131st), Bryant (194th).

The Seahawks have fewer players listed than the Rams. In looking at the rankings, Scouts Inc. ranks quite a few Seattle players with 79 grades, right on the edge of inclusion. Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor and Brandon Mebane were among the players in that range.

I'll take a closer look at these as time permits.