Winslow's Patriots experience illuminating

An update and thoughts on Kellen Winslow's recent release from the Seattle Seahawks:

  • Failed physical with Pats: Winslow failed a physical examination while meeting with the New England Patriots, according to Mary Paoletti of CSNNE.com. That lends support to the Seahawks' thinking. Seattle wanted Winslow to take a pay reduction to minimize risks. Three teams in less than four months have decided against having Winslow on their roster. It's an upset at this point if any team pays Winslow the more than $3 million he was scheduled to receive in 2012 under his previous deal.

  • Seattle termination: Winslow's termination from the Seahawks before the mandatory reduction to 53-player rosters did not carry a "failed physical" notation, as releases sometimes do. Winslow has chronic knee trouble. Some teams' medical staffs might be less lenient than others when assessing the associated risks. It's possible the Patriots had lower risk tolerance than other teams had, particularly with salaries becoming guaranteed for vested veterans on the roster for Week 1.

  • NFC West to rescue: The Patriots wound up adding another recently released tight end from the NFC West, former St. Louis Rams draft choice Mike Hoomanawanui. This looks like a good signing for New England. Durability is a concern for Hoomanawanui, but New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels had big plans for Hoomanawanui in St. Louis last season. Injuries derailed those plans. McDaniels one year ago: "Hoomanawanui can do some really good things in the passing game, very versatile, tough, a big body."

Now, if only the Patriots could send a tight end or two the NFC West's way. They seem to have a couple decent ones.

Update: ESPN's Adam Schefter has reported that Winslow did not faile a physical examination with the Patriots. He says New England was aware of Winslow's knee problems, of course. The bottom line is that Winslow's knee situation is an important factor in setting his value.