David Akers' 63-yarder big boost for 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers settled for too many field goals last season.

There was no "settling" involved Sunday when David Akers powered a 63-yarder over the crossbar to end the first half against Green Bay. The distance tied an NFL record while giving the 49ers a 16-7 lead.

That kick gave the 49ers a welcome boost heading into halftime. Coach Jim Harbaugh and players celebrated on the sideline as the kick hit the crossbar and bounced over.

The 49ers have much to like thus far. Randy Moss has a touchdown reception. Alex Smith has matched Aaron Rodgers' efficiency to this point. Each has a touchdown pass without an interception.

San Francisco has given up just one sack. I think that's a huge part of the storyline for this game. Smith and the 49ers' offense took far too many sacks last season, particularly on the road.