Mike Sando's MVP Watch

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

Matt Schaub and Joe Flacco missed the MVP Watch cut this week despite impressive performances in Week 6.

Their teams have .500 records and that gave me an out when trying to find spots for other deserving players.

The top three this week -- Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Brett Favre -- were easy choices. They've been the key players for undefeated teams, with Favre making significantly more plays down the field in recent weeks.

Tom Brady is arguably too high at No. 4. I'll be disappointed if the "Hatriots" out there don't call me on it, but six touchdown passes in one week seemed to serve notice that Brady could be back.

The list features only one defensive player, another point of contention in past weeks. I've tried to make the MVP Watch list realistic. Quarterbacks and running backs tend to win the award.

That said, Denver's Elvis Dumervil returned to the list after a one-week absence. He's up to 10 sacks, putting him on pace for nearly 27.

A bye week to prepare for the Rams? Some things in life just aren't fair.

If your defense has a weakness in coverage, Brees is going to find it.

Favre has averaged 9.3 yards per attempt in his last three games, up from 6.0 in his first three.

Six TD passes in one week leave Brady tied with Favre for third in the league.

He's on pace for 24 TDs and three INTs. Those are 1990 Steve DeBerg numbers.

If only he could have faced his own defense instead of the Saints' unit.

No. 1 in yards per attempt (9.1 to Peyton's 9.09) and one of two QBs completing 70 percent of his passes.

At least 2.0 sacks in four of six games during a 6-0 start. Not bad.

I considered moving Matt Schaub into this spot, but Cutler's Bears have a winning record.

Second only to Chris Johnson in total yards per game among non-QBs.