The division quarterbacks should fear most

This is the first in a series of posts Tuesday illustrating just how dominant NFC West defenses have been despite facing Aaron Rodgers (twice), Matthew Stafford (twice), Tom Brady, Michael Vick, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton through Week 5.

The chart ranks divisions by defensive quarterback stats allowed. Stats compiled by non-quarterbacks through trick plays or on special teams do not count for these totals.

The second-to-last column shows how many points opposing quarterbacks have contributed above what an average quarterback would contribute in the same number of plays, according to ESPN's metrics for the position. "PAA" stands for points above average. NFC West defenses have held quarterbacks in the negative.

Check out the touchdown passes allowed in relation to the other divisions. The St. Louis Rams have allowed only two scoring passes all season.

Thanks to ESPN Stats & Information for the data.

2012 Defensive QBR by Division