Dropped passes per target through Week 7

The four dropped passes Seattle suffered in Week 7 sent me into the ESPN Stats & Information charting data to produce a chart ranking NFL teams by fewest drops per target.

Drops are defined as passes that should have been caught with ordinary effort. The Stats & Info staff charts each game twice with multiple people in an effort to enforce a uniform standard.

So far, not so bad for most of the NFC West.

As an aside, the St. Louis Rams are one of two teams (San Diego is the other) with zero drops on third down this season. Sorry in advance for the jinx.

Week 8 NFC West opponents Detroit and New England are tied for the most third-down drops with six apiece. That works out to a league-worst 9.0 percent for the Lions and a second-worst 8.7 percent for the Patriots.

The chart shows drop percentages for all downs. Just thought I'd share those third-down numbers, too.

2012 NFL Drops Per Target: Weeks 1-7