NFC West penalty watch: Suspicions true

The guys at RamsHerd.com had a suspicion the St. Louis Rams' offensive line was racking up penalties at an accelerated rate.

2012 NFC West Penalties: Third-down D

They also had concerns about third-down penalties on defense.

Turns out both suspicions were spot-on.

The Rams have 22 penalties against offensive linemen this season, trailing only Seattle (26). Arizona ranks tied for sixth-most with 17. The San Francisco 49ers are tied for 14th with 14, including 11 over the past four games.

St. Louis leads the NFL in third-down penalties against defensive players. The Rams have 15. Seattle ranks second with 13. Arizona is tied for 11th with eight. San Francisco is tied with Miami and Washington for fewest in the league with two.

Those numbers come from Hank Gargiulo of ESPN Stats & Information. They include declined penalties and those committed during special-teams plays.