Sizing up the recent NFC West QB gap

There appears to be some separation in quarterback play for the Arizona Cardinals and their division rivals in recent weeks.

I'll take a closer look later Monday.

In the meantime, here are a couple charts to digest. They show quarterback stats for all NFC West players attempting passes since Week 8. That was the week Alex Smith completed 18 of 19 attempts against Arizona in the Monday night game.

Smith ranks fourth in Total QBR since Week 8 among players with enough plays to qualify for season-to-date rankings. Seattle's Russell Wilson ranks second. Tom Brady is first. St. Louis' Sam Bradford is 15th. Again, that's all since Week 8.

Smith leads the NFL in passer rating since Week 8 (153.2) among qualifying QBs. Brady is second (117.5), followed by Wilson (115.2), Peyton Manning (108.0) and Drew Brees (107.8). Smith would rank higher in QBR over that span if he did not rank last among these passers in average pass length (4.9 yards), under the 8.2-yard average for the others.

2012 QB Stats for 49ers, Seahawks and Rams: Weeks 8-11

The second chart shows Arizona's quarterback production over the same span. John Skelton ranks 32nd out of 33 qualified passers since Week 8. Michael Vick ranks 33rd at 19.6.

2012 QB Stats for Cardinals, Weeks 8-11