Which QB trails only Brady since Week 5

2012 Total QBR After Week 5

@12thManJosh demanded more stuff on Seattle Seahawks rookie Russell Wilson while I was putting together something on Wilson.

Let's not delay any longer.

The chart below ranks Seattle's primary quarterbacks since 2008 by Total QBR. Fifty is average and 100 is maximum. Wilson's 61.8 through Week 12 tops the list and ranks 12th in the NFL this season. Wilson's 93.9 NFL passer rating is the Seahawks' best in a season for a regular quarterback over that span. It ranks 12th among qualifying NFL players this season.

Wilson has gotten much better as the season has progressed. His QBR has been 82.4 since Week 5. That is the second-highest in the NFL behind Tom Brady's 85.1 over that span.

The figure is 55.0 for the entire NFL since Week 5.

Wilson's 105.3 passer rating since Week 5 trails Rodgers (112.6), Alex Smith (110.5), Peyton Manning (109.5), Drew Brees (108.0), Brady (106.9) and Robert Griffin III (105.5).

Note: The figures here are for Weeks 6-12.

2008-2012 Seattle Seahawks QBs by Total QBR