New variables, same formula for Seahawks

Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks scored what I saw as a signature victory over the 4-1 Chicago Bears at Soldier Field back in 2010.

"This is very reminiscent of the formula I have become accustomed to -- the big back hitting it hard and the flashy guy and the big receiver and the quarterback getting the ball to every guy," Carroll said following that 23-20 victory. "That is what we have come in here to do."

Some of the leading characters have changed as the Seahawks prepare to visit the Bears in Week 13 this season. Marshawn Lynch, who was making his Seattle debut in that Week 6 game two years ago, remains the big back Carroll referenced. The flashy guy, Justin Forsett, is long gone, as are the big receiver, Mike Williams, and the quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck.

The vision and preferred formula remain the same. That isn't likely to change.

"We're not New England and we're not going to turn into them unless we're down by 20 points where you have to throw it 20 times in a row," offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell told reporters this week.

The subject arose this week after the Seahawks stuck with their ground game against Miami when it wasn't working. Seattle will presumably emphasize the run against the Bears. Chicago has allowed 128 yards rushing per game and 4.6 per carry over its past five games, up from 71 yards per game and 3.9 per carry through Week 7. Lynch had topped 100 yards rushing in four consecutive games before the Dolphins held him to 46 yards and 2.4 per rush.

"To have Marshawn Lynch and to be able to hand him the ball, it helps a lot of things, rather than just having Russell Wilson drop back three, five or seven steps and have our guys just stand there and protect," Bevell said. "That brings up other issues. When you establish the run or you’re known for a running game, now we have all of the play-action passes where we put the ball in front of Marshawn and try to get them to react to the run, and then take shots and things over their heads."

This game Sunday marks Seattle's fourth against the NFC North this season. Bevell coached with the Vikings for years, so he's familiar with that division. The chart shows Seattle's offensive production against the Bears' division rivals this season.

2012 Seattle Seahawks Offense vs. NFC North