49ers-Seahawks could have flex appeal

Week 16 Schedule (Sunday only)

The Week 16 game between San Francisco and Seattle looks like a good candidate for flexing into prime time on NBC.

The league and networks haven't made an announcement yet, but the currently scheduled Sunday nighter between the San Diego Chargers and New York Jets is looking like a tough sell. Both teams are struggling.

The chart shows all games scheduled for Sunday in Week 16.

Fox has protected the New York Giants' game at Baltimore. CBS has protected the Cincinnati-Pittsburgh game. That means neither game will be heading for NBC in prime time.

That leaves the 49ers-Seahawks game as the most appealing game to get flexed, in my view. Both teams appear likely to have winning records. Both have exciting young quarterbacks. Divisional and playoff positioning will be at stake.

Bumping the Chargers-Jets game into another slot could affect the Giants-Ravens game regardless. The league avoids scheduling the Giants and Jets at the same time. Bumping the Jets into the 1 p.m. ET slot to accommodate 49ers-Seahawks in prime time could mean moving the Giants into the 4 p.m. void. Or, the Jets could be bumped to the 4 p.m. slot.

All things to keep in mind as a potential announcement on flexing approaches, perhaps next week.