Wilson, RG III vs. same four opponents

2012 Griffin-Wilson vs. 4 Common Opp.

Those interested in seeing stats for Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck against eight common opponents might naturally wonder how Wilson and another rookie, Robert Griffin III, stack up.

"Can you do a comparison of their stats?" @Jlkeeneyjr asked.

Done deal.

Wilson and Griffin have both faced the St. Louis Rams, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings and Carolina Panthers. Griffin put up better stats against these teams even though Wilson's Seattle Seahawks came away with the better won-lost record (3-1 to 2-2 for Griffin's Washington Redskins).

Wilson played three of those four opponents over the first five weeks of the season. He ranked 29th in Total QBR (33.1) to that point in the season. Griffin ranked 11th at 66.1. Wilson leads the NFL in QBR (85.1) from Week 6 to present. Griffin ranks sixth over that span with a very solid 74.8.

Griffin has been more consistent than Wilson over the course of the full season. That shows up in the numbers against these common opponents. Wilson has played better recently. He played arguably his best game of the season during a 50-17 victory over Buffalo in Week 15 while Griffin sat out with a knee injury.

It's looking like the last couple weeks of the season could be pivotal for Wilson if he's going to claim offensive rookie of the year honors.