Striking similarities for these West rivals

2012 49ers-Seahawks Comparison

A check of offensive statistics for the San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks revealed striking similarities between the Week 16 opponents and NFC West rivals.

The duplicating information in the chart is accurate.

  • Each team has scored 25 red zone touchdowns on 47 chances.

  • Each team has converted about 36 percent of its third-down opportunities.

  • Each team averages 6.8 yards per pass play.

  • The teams are within 30 yards of one another in total rushing yards: 2,280 for the 49ers and 2,250 for the Seahawks.

  • Thirteen first downs and 11 plays from scrimmage separate their season totals through 14 games.

  • The 49ers have kicked off two additional times, and each has had 65 kickoffs reach the end zone

  • The teams are within one total touchdown of one another: 40 for the 49ers, 41 for the Seahawks.

  • The teams have committed about the same number of penalties, 99 for San Francisco and 95 for Seattle.

The 49ers and Seahawks appear similar in style and approach. The numbers show quite a few similarities in production as well -- more than I would have ever anticipated.