Rams' Jenkins, Seahawks' Sherman: 6 TDs

2012 Defensive TDs

The St. Louis Rams' Janoris Jenkins has four touchdowns this season.

That's as many as NFC West mainstays Larry Fitzgerald and Steven Jackson have scored entering Week 17. Not bad for a rookie cornerback drafted in the second round, or anywhere for that matter.

The Rams' game at Seattle this week features two high-scoring cornerbacks.

Seattle's Richard Sherman has two touchdowns over the Seahawks' past three games, one on an interception return and the other on a blocked field-goal return. His two touchdowns against Arizona and San Francisco are more than the one touchdown the Cardinals and 49ers scored in those games.

Jenkins scored three of his touchdowns in recent division games against the Cardinals and 49ers, two on interception returns and another on a fumble return. Arizona and San Francisco combined for three touchdowns in those games.

The chart shows NFL leaders in defensive touchdowns this season. Jenkins leads the NFL.