Why Eagles could like Seahawks' Bradley

Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley is a candidate to succeed Andy Reid as the Philadelphia Eagles' head coach.

The Eagles announced they have received permission to interview Bradley next week.

Bradley has been known to make positive impressions.

Former Seahawks coach Jim Mora had been expected to name Dan Quinn as his defensive coordinator in 2009. Mora changed his mind after interviewing Bradley. It was nothing against Quinn, who advanced on his own and now serves as defensive coordinator for the University of Florida. Bradley simply impressed Mora beyond reasonable expectations. Mora named Bradley coordinator and Quinn to coach the defensive line.

Longtime NFL assistant Monte Kiffin, who had worked with Mora on the New Orleans Saints staff in 1995, had recommended Bradley for the coordinator's job.

Mora explained it this way in 2009: "Monte says, 'J.L., listen to me. I have got a guy here in Tampa that is one of, if not, the finest football coaches I have ever worked with. He's an A-plus. He's a once-in-a-lifetime coach. You need to talk to him.' He said, 'J.L., this guy is special. You have to bring him in.' "

When the Seahawks fired Mora unexpectedly after one season, incoming coach Pete Carroll kept Bradley in place as coordinator, citing an endorsement from Kiffin. Kiffin worked with Carroll in Minnesota and with Bradley in Tampa Bay.

I don't know how many coordinators have stuck around when one head coach replaced another and all three men traced their backgrounds to the same side of the ball. Usually, a new coach comes in with new ideas and specific people in mind for the highest-ranking positions. New coaches usually are looking to break from the past, not build upon it.

Bradley's staying power through a tumultuous time in Seattle speaks well of him.

The chart shows Seattle's defensive stats over the past four seasons. The row for "Defensive EPA" refers to expected points added by the defense. Negative numbers are better than positive ones.

2009-2012 Seattle Seahawks Defensive Stats