Tucker on Steve Keim: 'I love this hire'

Just wanted to pass along these thoughts from ESPN's Ross Tucker regarding the Arizona Cardinals' promotion of Steve Keim to general manager:

"I love this hire. Steve Keim is a Pa. guy. He is a football guy. Played O-line at N.C. State. He's just all about football, which is what I like. Rod Graves was more of a money guy. Rod Graves was not really a quote-unquote football guy. I really like this move. I think Keim will do an excellent job."

Tucker played offensive line in the NFL. It's not a big surprise when one offensive lineman sticks up for another. I do think Keim's background as a college offensive lineman does define him in a way that could shape how he approaches the job.

Tucker made these comments as part of the Football Today podcast Wednesday.