Frank Gore's socks looked 'fine' to the NFL

San Francisco 49ers players earned $40,000 for their participation in the NFC Championship Game.

Make that $29,500 for running back Frank Gore.

The NFL fined Gore the difference ($10,500) for a wearing his socks too low, which is in violation of the uniform code, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The $10,500 fine represents about one quarter of 1 percent of Gore's known compensation so far this season. The amount also equals the recommended amount for a second uniform/equipment violation. The recommended fine for first-time offenses is $5,250.

It's easy to criticize the NFL's policy as a ridiculous one. However, the collective bargaining agreement provides for such measures.

Gore earned $2 million in salary and another $2 million in bonuses for the regular season, with a chance to earn more through incentives.

The NFL's postseason salary scale for this season goes as follows: $20,000 for the wild-card round ($22,000 for division winners); $22,000 for the divisional round; $40,000 for the conference championship round; $44,000 for losing the Super Bowl; and $88,000 for winning the Super Bowl.

I hadn't noticed anything out of sorts with Gore's socks, by the way. Had you?