Jaws: Colin Kaepernick can be NFL's best

2011-2012 Playoff QB Comparison

NEW ORLEANS -- We'll be discussing Colin Kaepernick in a "Double Coverage" item Tuesday, but with ESPN's Ron Jaworski suggesting the San Francisco 49ers' quarterback could become the NFL's best QBInsider, I couldn't resist offering a few thoughts now.

First off, Jaworski has been pretty consistent in his praise for Kaepernick this season, suggesting more than three weeks ago that Kaepernick was the reason he thought the 49ers would win the Super Bowl.

Once the Super Bowl teams were set, Jaworksi cited Joe Flacco's improved play for Baltimore in explaining why he was taking the Ravens to beat the 49ers. Jaworski wasn't downgrading Kaepernick. He was merely saying Flacco's improved play could give Baltimore an edge.

Kaepernick has played well enough in reaching the Super Bowl to stamp out embers remaining from the debate over whether the 49ers should have stuck with Alex Smith as their starting quarterback.

The chart compares playoff stats for Smith last season and Kaepernick this season. Each played two games. It isn't much to go on, but it's all the postseason evidence we have at this point, and it favors Kaepernick.