No need for Rice to count rings in response

NEW ORLEANS -- Jerry Rice expressed surprise after hearing Randy Moss proclaim himself the greatest receiver in NFL history.

Rice's response sounded unnecessarily emotional and personal coming from someone so widely accepted as the best to ever play the position.

"I'm surprised that Randy Moss made that comment because how can you not bring stats in or how you impacted the game?" Rice said on ESPN in the video above. "I impacted the game by winning Super Bowls. I'm sure Randy is still trying to win his first one and I wish him the best, but I was very surprised that he said he is the best receiver who ever played the game."

Rice didn't need to say anything in response. His achievements speak loudly and convincingly. There was no need to diminish Moss by counting Super Bowl rings.

Lynn Swann and John Stallworth each won four Super Bowls with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Does that automatically make them better than every receiver with fewer championships? Of course not.

Not even the greatest wide receiver can win Super Bowls without tremendous support from the players around him. The 49ers won as many Super Bowls during the four years immediately preceding Rice's arrival as they won during Rice's first nine seasons with the team. That says nothing negative about Rice. It reflects how many components a team must possess to win it all.

Rice's accepted status as the NFL's greatest receiver remains secure. Moss will go down as one of the all-time greats as well. Nothing either man says is likely to change anything on either front.