Moss: No shouting match with Jerry Rice

NEW ORLEANS -- San Francisco 49ers receiver Randy Moss has no plans to escalate the debate sparked Tuesday by his claim to be the greatest receiver in NFL history.

Instead, Moss calmly stuck to his position during interviews Wednesday morning from the 49ers' team hotel at Super Bowl XLVII.

"What I said was what I felt and like I said, I don't want to get into a shouting match with Jerry Rice or anybody," Moss said. "That is my own personal opinion."

Rice took offense to the comments Moss made Tuesday. He pointed to statistics and a 3-0 lead in Super Bowl rings.

"There are people that think that just because he has the numbers that he is the greatest," Moss said, "but I don't believe in numbers. I really don't. What I think is what I think, that I am the greatest to do it."

I asked Moss specifically where Super Bowl rings should fit into the equation when evaluating the greatness of an individual. He said he disagrees with a societal tendency to consider Pittsburgh or San Francisco as the greatest franchises because they've won the most Super Bowls.

"I don't base it on that," Moss said. "I think I changed the game. I'm not really trying to make it all about me. I made a statement and I stand by my statement, so I'm just going to leave it at that."

Another reporter asked Moss whether the receiver's attitude earlier in his career might have contributed to a few down seasons statistically, and whether Moss had any regrets along those lines. It was suggested that Moss might hold some of the records Rice holds if he had produced as consistently throughout his career.

"I don't think my attitude has anything to do with records," Moss said. "The way I approach this game, it's really hard because, do you understand what a Cover 2, two-man, 3 Cloud, Tampa 2 is? Well, I think over the course of my career, it's not very smart for an offense to design a whole offense [around me] knowing that I'm going to be taking two and three and four guys here and there, on each and every play.

"It's hard for me to be able to put up numbers knowing that I have multiple guys guarding me on plays. But what I've been able to do, I'm happy with it.