Quick age snapshot for Moss and 49ers

Randy Moss indicated during Super Bowl week that he would like to continue playing in 2013.

The San Francisco 49ers will have to decide whether they want Moss and several other older players to play for them in the future.

The 49ers have 10 players age 30 and older. The chart lists them by when their contracts expire. San Diego has a league-high 20 players age 30 and older. Miami has a league-low five. Arizona has 12, Seattle has nine and St. Louis has six. Those figures count players finishing the season on injured reserve.

Three of the 49ers' 10 oldest players are specialists. Three others -- Carlos Rogers, Jonathan Goodwin and Justin Smith -- played at least 75 percent of the offensive or defensive snaps. Moss and nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga were key contributors while playing less than half the snaps. Clark Haggans and Leonard Davis were veteran backups.

The 49ers have a strong core of young players on offense in particular, including four of their offensive linemen, their quarterback and two running backs.

Note: This is probably going to wrap up the day from my end. I'm well into the second and final leg of a flight from Denver to Seattle on the way back from New Orleans. See you Tuesday unless something major happens before then.

49ers Players Age 30 and Older