When Montana nearly blacked out in a game

Super Bowl week can be a bit of a blur with so much coverage coming from so many angles.

That's my excuse for missing the "Secrets of Super Bowl Quarterbacks" package featuring previously untold stories.

NFC West alums Kurt Warner, Steve Young and Joe Montana were among those to participate. Warner explained how he stayed up all night worrying when roommate and St. Louis Rams backup quarterback Paul Justin failed to return til the next morning. Montana described nearly blacking out from hunger during the San Francisco 49ers' winning drive against Cincinnati, all because he'd eaten his halftime Snickers bar before the game.

There were some classic stories packed into this piece, including Brad Johnson hitchhiking back from the game with his pregnant wife. More than one quarterback described obsessing about the game balls and whether they would be too slick.

Here's the one from Joe Namath, reported by Morty Ain of ESPN The Magazine:

"One thing that I haven't really talked about is how, a few nights before the game, I went out to dinner with a few Colts players who were old friends. They were so confident -- they really thought they were going to win. At dinner, Lou Michaels flat out told me that they were going to kick our asses, and specifically kick my ass. I felt a little mischievous, so I said, 'Come on, Lou, what you know? You're just a damn kicker.'

"Boy, did that infuriate him. He was an All-American defensive lineman at Kentucky, and he played a lot in the Colts' regular defensive package. But he also was their kicker. I knew calling him that would piss him off, and it did.

"Dinner went well and we all went home friendly and in good spirits. But man, it started off shaky."