49ers, Hawks have most picks minus comps

The NFL has released the 2013 NFL draft order, subject to change when the league hands out 32 compensatory choices offsetting losses incurred during free agency last offseason.

The order shows the San Francisco 49ers with a league-high 11 choices. The Seattle Seahawks are second with 10 choices. The St. Louis Rams are the only team with more than one first-round pick. They are one of four teams tied for fifth with eight total selections. The Arizona Cardinals have seven picks, right near the average.

Chicago, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Carolina and New England each have five picks. They are the only teams with fewer than six.

Cleveland, Oakland, Indianapolis and New Orleans do not have second-round choices. Miami and Cincinnati each has two. There are only 30 choices in the second round. Cleveland used one in the supplemental draft. The NFL forced the Saints to forfeit theirs.

Detroit and New England do not have third-round picks. Minnesota and Tampa Bay have two apiece.

The 49ers are expected to add as many as three compensatory picks for their free-agent losses.

2013 NFL Draft Picks by Round (Compensatory Choices Not Yet Known)