Tim Hasselbeck sounds off on Dockett

ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck stood up for his brother by calling out Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett regarding Elbowgate.

"Let me tell you something, that was a dirty, cheap shot move by Darnell Dockett," Tim Hasselbeck told 710ESPN Seattle. "I don't care what he wants to say now. I've been on teams with good guys, and I've been on teams with bad guys -- bad guy. And, what he did was flat-out dirty and I hope the league fines him, and I hope they fine him heavily, because I think he deserves it."

Tim Hasselbeck played with Dockett on the Cardinals in 2007. I'm guessing they won't be paired at the next Cardinals alumni golf outing.

Seriously, though, the "bad guy" label is a serious charge. I'm eagerly awaiting Dockett's reply to this one. Follow his Twitter account here.

By the way: Thanks to doubledink for alerting me to this interview.

Update: Dockett speaks on the matter, though not about Tim Hasselbeck's comments.