First look: Percy Harvin's production, roles

2009-12 WRs by Yards After Catch

I was putting together this item several hours ago when the Arizona Cardinals released Beanie Wells and the San Francisco 49ers acquired Anquan Boldin. Life in the NFC West fast lane has seldom felt so frenetic.

The charts show Percy Harvin's production with the Minnesota Vikings in the four seasons before the Seattle Seahawks acquired him for 2013 first- and seventh-round picks, plus what reportedly will be a 2014 third-round choice.

Harvin does not compare to most players. He is a wide receiver, but he is also a running back and a kick returner. He's what teammate Adrian Peterson called the "best all-around player I ever seen" -- high praise from the reigning NFL Most Valuable Player.

Football Outsiders' Andy Benoit has put together an initial lookInsider at how the Seahawks might use Harvin on offense. I'll have some thoughts on that subject as time permits. First, though, I'll offer up a couple charts based on game charting from ESPN Stats & Information.

2009-12 Percy Harvin Production by Season