Updated look at NFC West draft capital

Recent trades by the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers have affected draft choice counts for NFC West teams in 2013.

The chart shows how many picks each team in the division holds at this time. The counts will change when the NFL hands out 32 compensatory draft choices as early as next week. The league awards those choices to offset net losses in free agency. Teams cannot trade compensatory picks.

The 49ers and Rams have a combined nine picks in the first three rounds. The Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals have a combined five picks in those rounds. The imbalance frames expectations for this draft.

The 49ers have already added veteran receiver Anquan Boldin at the cost of a sixth-round choice. Seattle added Percy Harvin from Minnesota for first- and seventh-round choices, plus a pick next year. The Vikings also hold a seventh-rounder from Arizona as part of the A.J. Jefferson trade last year.

2013 NFL Draft Choices by Team as of March 16