Around the NFC West: Back in West saddle

Good morning, NFC West. It's good to be back home and on the division beat again after attending my sister's wedding in Pennsylvania (followed by a family trip to Gettysburg in the heart of Pittsburgh Steelers country).

Around the NFC West: April 12, 2013

Sorry, no wedding pics here. And as much as I'd like to share what I learned about a couple of Civil War-era relatives -- a great, great grandfather and his brother made Gettysburg appearances in 1863 -- we've got NFC West business to discuss.

Antoine Winfield, Brady Quinn, Richard Sherman and Chilo Rachal were among the names moving across the news wire while I was walking my sister down the aisle and, later, walking along the path marking Pickett's Charge. We'll explore Winfield, Quinn, Rachal and other divisional newsmakers as this Friday progresses.

First, though, I wanted to share the latest fan demographic breakdown from Noah Veltman. Last month, Veltman provided a lesson in sports geography by dividing the country into regions based on which NFL stadiums were nearest. This time, Veltman has used data from Facebook to show which teams are most popular in each county, as determined by the number of "likes" each team has received from Facebook users.

This is admittedly not a perfect way to measure team popularity.

Some information does appear useful, however. The St. Louis Rams and Arizona Cardinals appear on a list of underrepresented teams featuring the Houston Texans, Carolina Panthers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and San Diego Chargers.

"[The Rams] lose the majority of their geography-based territory, to the Cowboys in the south, to the Chiefs in the west, and to the Bears in the north," Veltman writes. "[The Cardinals] lose most of their geography-based territory to the Cowboys on all sides. Even southern Arizona is Cowboys country."

Again, the methodology isn't perfect. Those results do match up with established perceptions, however.

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