Sizing up West's backup QB contracts

NFC West teams have added four veteran backup quarterbacks with regular-season game experience this offseason.

2013 NFC West Backup QB Contracts

The chart provides 2013 contract info for each.

Guaranteed money serves as the strongest indicator for where a veteran player stands on a team when he signs a deal in free agency.

It's pretty obvious the Arizona Cardinals plan for Drew Stanton to be their clear No. 2 quarterback based on his $2 million guarantee.

The other players listed in the chart have fewer assurances from a financial standpoint.

The San Francisco 49ers' Colt McCoy, acquired by trade from Cleveland, is still playing under the rookie contract he signed with the Browns. The guaranteed money listed for him in the chart was paid as a signing bonus in 2010.

Brady Quinn (Seattle) and Kellen Clemens (St. Louis) signed for guarantees totaling less than $100,000 combined. Clemens could face the strongest competition for the No. 2 role given that Rams coach Jeff Fisher has suggested Austin Davis could serve in the No. 2 role even with Clemens in the picture.

Of the four quarterbacks listed, only Stanton is signed beyond 2013.