Around the NFC West: Advantage, 49ers

Around the NFC West: May 7, 2013

The San Francisco 49ers ideally would have kept Adam Snyder around as a backup last season.

The alternative wound up being even better.

Snyder's departure to the Arizona Cardinals last offseason contributed to San Francisco netting three compensatory draft choices in 2013. It also cleared the way for Snyder's replacement in the lineup at right guard, Alex Boone, to develop into a long-term starter.

Then, after the Cardinals released Snyder last week, the 49ers re-signed the versatile veteran to a two-year deal worth much less than Snyder received from Arizona.

So, in the end, the 49ers loaned Snyder to a division rival for one season, got better in the interim, recouped draft capital for their troubles and then brought back Snyder at a discount -- all while the Cardinals paid $6 million in cash, got worse on their line and incurred $4 million in future salary-cap charges.

The 49ers get credit for recognizing Snyder's value last offseason, but not even they could have drawn up a scenario as favorable as the one that played out.