$1.75 million guaranteed for Karlos Dansby

James from Mesa, Ariz., has heard the Arizona Cardinals signed Karlos Dansby to a team-friendly contract.

"I am looking forward to finding out how much he wanted to be here," James writes.

Dansby signed a one-year deal worth $2.25 million. He gets a $1 million signing bonus and a $1.25 million base salary, of which $750,000 is guaranteed. The total guarantee is $1.75 million (signing bonus plus the portion of guaranteed base salary).

The deal Dansby had signed with the Miami Dolphins in 2010 carried $22 million in guaranteed money. Dansby was scheduled to receive $6.05 million in base salary with a $200,000 workout bonus from the Dolphins in 2013. He will not receive that money after Miami released him.

On the surface, then, we could say Dansby's deal with Arizona reflects an eagerness to rejoin the Cardinals. He appears to be playing for a discount. However, there is no evidence other teams were lining up to pay Dansby more than the Cardinals are going to pay him.

Dansby's deal, though relatively modest in the bigger picture, makes him one of the highest-paid linebackers on the team. Daryl Washington's deal has a higher annual annual average. Washington and Lorenzo Alexander have more guaranteed money in their deals.