Hits keep coming for Cards QB Max Hall

Max Hall has yet to play one NFL game from start to finish, but some have already seen enough.

ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski used his access to coaches' video at NFL Films to watch every pass Hall has thrown this season. His take, via KTAR radio in Phoenix:

The one thing we’ve heard about Max -- the moxie, the leadership, all that -- those are all wonderful attributes for a quarterback. But the attributes you have to be able to have to be successful week in and week out over a long period of time is the ability to throw the football accurately and with velocity. And clearly, when I look at the tape, I don’t see either of those. I don’t see the ball going down the field. You see the bubble screens, the bootlegs, throwing the ball in the flat, nothing down the field. You just don’t see a skill set that projects to be a consistent NFL quarterback. Things don’t look good when you’re on the field with Max Hall. It’s that simple. I’m sure he’s a wonderful guy giving everything he’s got, but the skill set just isn’t there.

The one thing I’m beginning to see seep in is the wide receivers not finishing their routes, not working as hard as you have to. They’re just not getting the football and when it comes their way, it is inaccurate, it’s bouncing at their feet, it’s high, it’s behind them, so receivers begin to lose the confidence in the quarterback. These aren’t things that I’m making up. These are things I look at when I see the tape. The eye in the sky doesn’t lie. You’re going to see the receivers become disinterested. They don’t want to be out there lead blocking for power sweeps and stretch running plays. They want to catch some balls. It’s an outstanding group of wide receivers. But you can see when the ball is not coming down the field, when the explosive plays aren’t designed. You’re going to lose the receiving corps.

I'm hesitant to write off a player after two starts, but these are strong words from someone who understands quarterbacks and has access to coaches' video.