What to expect on NFL uniform front

The NFL and its new uniform supplier, Nike, plan to unveil new-look threads Tuesday.

Both parties have been short on details.

A few notes on what to expect:

  • Most teams are not redesigning their logos or color combinations. Nike uses different fabric than previous supplier Reebok. The Nike uniforms are expected to be more form-fitting. The difference will be noticeable, but not as profound as they would be with individual team redesigns. The NFL is basically unveiling Nike's version of existing uniforms.

  • The Seattle Seahawks are expected to unveil completely new uniforms. It's been about a decade since the team's most recent redesign. Seattle is the only team, to my knowledge, expected to unveil a redesign.

  • Some teams could have new alternate jerseys.

The NFL's news conference with Nike is set to begin Tuesday at 11 a.m. ET.