ManningWatch: Bracing for the possibility

Peyton Manning is expected to visit with the Arizona Cardinals after leaving the Denver Broncos.

That visit could begin Saturday night if suspicions are correct and Manning boarded this flight from Denver, as friend of the NFC West blog Dustin Holmes suspected.

That's as close to the NFC West as some would like Manning to come.

St. Louis Rams linebacker James Laurinaitis, speaking recently with Bernie Miklasz on 101ESPN St. Louis, called Manning "a nightmare to play against" and said he'd prefer to keep the free-agent quarterback out of the division. Laurinaitis also offered insight into one way a healthy Manning can give a defense problems.

"I was unfortunately a rookie trying to audible at the line of scrimmage," Laurinaitis said. "He will let that play clock run down to one second before he snaps it, three plays in a row, and you think the next play he's going to do the same thing, so you go up there, try to disguise and he snaps it with 24 seconds left on the play clock. He just messes with you the whole, entire game."

The chart shows how Manning fared against the NFC West when Indianapolis faced the division in 2009. The San Francisco 49ers held Manning without a touchdown pass that year. They took a 14-12 lead into the fourth quarter before the Colts scored the game-winning touchdown on a pass from running back Joseph Addai to receiver Reggie Wayne.

There are no indications Manning plans to sign with a team in the immediate future. We also do not know whether he plans to visit teams beyond Denver, Arizona and Miami.


Peyton Manning vs. NFC West (2009)