NFL Rumor Central: Could Danny Amendola be released?

AP Photo/George Bridges

The New England Patriots have been awfully busy in the last two days, culminating in Wednesday evening's trade for former Chicago Bears tight end Martellus Bennett. Could another change be coming on offense after this latest acquisition?

With wideout Chris Hogan and now Bennett on board, Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio hears from a source that "it's indeed possible receiver Danny Amendola could be gone." Florio suggests the Patriots would probably approach Amendola about a potential pay cut first, but a trade or his release could follow if he wasn't amenable to taking less.

In January, we explored the possibility of Amendola being released, and that was before two new targets were added to the passing attack. Now, Amendola is probably no higher than fifth in the pecking order, and perhaps lower. Considering he's struggled to live up to the five-year, $31 million deal he signed three years ago, his release would be far from a surprise.

Amendola's cap hit for 2016 is $6.8 million, and New England could save about $4 million by releasing him. In 2017, his cap hit climbs to $7.9 million, with a potential savings of $6.5 million via release.