Power Rankings: No. 14 Philadelphia Eagles

A weekly examination of the Eagles' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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With their 27-13 win in Lambeau Field on Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles moved to the top of ESPN.com’s weekly Power Rankings -- in the NFC East, that is. The Eagles are at No. 14, one spot ahead of the Dallas Cowboys, who are coming off a 49-17 blowout loss in New Orleans. It is the first time the Eagles have been ranked ahead of the rest of their divisional rivals. Ashley Fox, one of the six panelists, had them at No. 11 on her ballot.

That's what you get after two weeks of historically excellent quarterback play and six weeks of reliably good defense. The Eagles remain volatile. They dropped seven spots after two weeks without an offensive touchdown, and have jumped six spots -- the biggest upward move -- in each of the past two weeks. They can continue their climb by ending their 10-game home losing streak Sunday against No. 23 Washington.