Kyle Shanahan has 'no problem' with RG III

ASHBURN, Va. - Kyle Shanahan pays attention to a lot of things quarterback Robert Griffin III does. It’s his job as the Washington Redskins' offensive coordinator. What he doesn’t want to pore over is every quote Griffin utters. That’s why he said he wasn’t bothered by what Griffin said after the Redskins lost to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

Griffin said, in effect, that the Eagles often knew what the Redskins were doing offensively and that the Redskins needed to find a better way to counterattack. This came across as a shot at the coaches. Considering there had been discussion about Griffin's relationship with Kyle and head coach Mike Shanahan dating to the offseason, the comment raised eyebrows.

“I’ve got no problem with Robert,” Kyle Shanahan said.

He said Griffin came to his office Monday morning to discuss his comments. Shanahan said he understands why his quote was made into a big deal. But talking with Griffin helped settle the situation.

“You never really know what someone meant and what they were trying to say,” Shanahan said. “He … tried to clear it up with me and explain to me what he meant to say. Once I heard him and talked to him, I was fine with it. I didn’t take anything personally and it made sense to me what he told me. I had no problems with it.”

Shanahan said he considers Griffin a leader and accountable, two things that were questioned in the last two weeks. Teammates have defended Griffin’s leadership skills, both privately and publicly.

“He’s been a great leader for us,” Shanahan said. “He really took us on a run last year and he turned into a leader last year. He missed a lot of the offseason, so he wasn’t always out there in the huddle and everything, but he was always around and guys knew he was the leader.

“I know we’re going through some adversity and that tests everybody -- it tests all the coaches, all the players, not just him but everybody else in the locker room. It’s a challenge and it’s something you get better or worse from. Robert is going through all that right now and I think it’s part of the process in making him great. It’s hard to be great at something if you’ve never been through this type of adversity. I don’t think there’s a quarterback in the NFL, especially the good ones, that don’t go through some tough times. It’s what you learn from it and make out of it that makes you who you are in the future.”