Power Rankings: No. 6 Kansas City Chiefs

A weekly examination of the Chiefs’ ESPN.com Power Ranking:

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The Kansas City Chiefs continue to head the wrong way on the field and in the ESPN.com Power Rankings. The Chiefs were No. 1 in the rankings as recently as two weeks ago, when they were 9-0. After losing their last two, including a home game on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, the Chiefs this week have dropped to sixth.

The Chiefs are behind the Seahawks, Saints, Broncos, Patriots and Panthers. The way the Chiefs have played the past couple of weeks, and particularly against the Chargers, there's no argument that could be made that Kansas City belongs ahead of any of those teams.

They may not belong ahead of the No. 7 San Francisco 49ers, who broke a two-game losing streak on Monday night with a road win over Washington. But those two San Francisco losses were against New Orleans and Carolina, so it's easy to justify the 49ers' being ahead of the Chiefs.

It's also worth the debate whether the Chiefs should be ahead of the No. 8 Cincinnati Bengals or No. 9 Arizona Cardinals. If we're basing this on a season's worth of work, the Chiefs deserve to be ahead of both teams.

If we're basing it on whether we believe the Chiefs would beat either team if they were to play now? That's a different story.