Trent Richardson shows off his versatility

INDIANAPOLIS -- So much emphasis has rightfully been put on Trent Richardson's struggles running ball this season that the other areas he helps the Indianapolis Colts haven’t been talked too much.

Richardson put his blocking, pass catching and ... running on display against the Houston Texans on Sunday.

He ran for a season-high 64 yards on 19 attempts to go with four receptions for 38 yards and a touchdown off a shovel pass from quarterback Andrew Luck.

While 64 yards isn't a staggering number, the fact that Richardson ran with a purpose and wasn’t hesitant in hitting the holes was promising.

“I love when we spread the field, ain’t that many in the box,” Richardson said. “When they do open it up like that, I take advantage of it. I don’t feel like no one man is going to take me down. I make the first defender miss, try to make the safety miss and I’m going to try to make a big collision at the end.”

Richardson got off to a slow start, gaining only 13 yards on 12 carries through the first three quarters, but he had his best performance of the season in the fourth quarter when he had seven carries for 51 yards, including a season-long run of 22 yards.

The Colts didn’t have Richardson just line up in the backfield. He also lined up out wide when they went with an empty backfield.

“I don’t want to be just a one-dimensional back, I want to be a well-rounded back,” Richardson said. “I want to contribute to the team as much as I can. The offensive line made it easy for me [Sunday]. Andrew did a real good job of calling the right plays at the line of scrimmage.”

Now Richardson needs to build off his success against Kansas City next weekend.